For this logo, we looked at different logo generators to experiment and see how the free logo sites work. The logo was made on Logo Garden and then pulled into photoshop to do some clean up.

Logo Garden Website Here


Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.21.06 PM

This is one of the screenshots of working within Dreamweaver. Here you will see that it is in split view, so I am seeing the live design view of the website and the code view. Using this view makes it easier to see the changes I am making to the website as I type the code. I started with a template that was pre-made in Dreamweaver. I deleted multiple text boxes and images that I did not want on the site, then wrote my own code for the site. As you can see, I added the logo I made on Logo Garden to the top of the website and I also added an image of chocolate below it.

Chocolate Fun Facts 2

The next thing I did for the Chocolate website was create an infographic for my chocolate website. It includes 10 fun facts about chocolate that I found on Candy USA. To create this infographic, I used another generator site that is used to make infographics and other pieces for the web. I used Canva to make this specific infographic. Canva has templates you are able use and edit to make your infographic. The site made it quick and easy to produce this one.

Chocolate Fun facts here

Canva website here